Many may not believe especially the science aficionados but time has always had this unusual knack of being the fastest element in the world. You wink and a week crosses ... u nudge and a month moves , you smile and it's about time that you are fit for getting tied up with that "someone special "and that is when we step in . We at aouraa make sure that the sanctity of an occasion as pure as marriage is preserved along with a "tadka" of euphoric fun and by fun I mean "versatility" in every possible way. May it be Vintage Wedding, Summer Wedding, Spring Wedding or Theme (Color Code) based Wedding. Beginning from the Decoration, the Catering arrangements, On Stage and Off Stage International and Regional arrangements, everything will be in front of you under one roof, customised as per your requirement.

Disclaimer – This paragraph is especially dedicated to the "pita ji's & mata ji's" of the families . Let us do the worrying now . instead of worrying about the "tent wala" , relax in the pool with a chilled beer in your hand and see the sun set on your worries and let the happiness dawn upon your faces .


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