Destination Weddings

Destination Wedding

Weddings out of Native Land are among the most romantic in the world. Whether planning a large gathering with all family and friends or just a private ceremony, Destination weddings offer a spectacular location for your wedding. For a unique wedding venue in Abroad, getting married in Dubai, Singapore, Mauritius, Indonesia, Bang kong offers unmatchable romance, luxury and warm bringing. Begin the journey of your new life with a romantic honeymoon in the vibrant city. The city that speaks of nearly endless list of charming attractions for honeymooners. Couples can also take the opportunity to unwind after a hectic wedding period in one of spas and swimming pools.

Personal service is essential to make your wedding a lasting memory, and that includes attention to detail on the food and beverages of your special day. This means you can expect authentic and exceptional wedding dishes from your native country and others of your choice. From an incredible Indian vegetarian menu, featuring live Pav Bhaji station and various Chaat dishes to traditional fare, the team will make dishes to please all your family and friends.